Tuesday, May 8, 2012

For Your Mother

This is a photo of me and my mother from long, long ago. I'm sure that it doesn't seem that long ago to her since everyone always says how quickly children grow up. She is most certainly the most special woman in my life and probably the best mom out there, I'm sure that you feel the same about yours. And since Mother's Day is just around the corner, I hope you have something special planned. If not I came up with some pretty awesome ideas that you are welcome to borrow featuring both handmade and locally bought items that are sure to make that Mama of yours feel extra special!

MacKenzie Creamery is a locally owned business that makes handmade artisan goat cheese and sells it at the North Union Farmer's Market. They have a variety of amazing flavors like Cognac Fig, Sweet Fire Chèvre (both pictured), and my current favorite Sesame Wasabi! Plus, they can last in your fridge unopened for some time and can even be frozen. At the market they have a special price of  3 for $20. Grab some cheese and a bouquet of fresh flowers and you'll be set!

On The Lookout is a brand new jewelry line right out of Cleveland Heights that features amazing beaded jewelry in vibrant colors and geometric shapes. Every time I see a new piece of jewelry I am in awe of her talent! I can't wait to get some soon!

If you are looking to spend a little quality time with your Ma while getting your hands dirty you could always pick up some plants from a local nursery and help her get that garden ready for spring!

And last but not least, you can always make her a personalized set of stationery for some good old fashioned handwritten correspondence. Just get a set of blank notecards or card stock that you like from a craft store, an initial stamp or maybe her favorite animal, and an ink pad. If you happen to have the materials for embossing, I would use them too to mix it up!

Here are a few other projects from the past that would make a great gift for Mother's Day as well! I hope you and your mothers have a very special day!

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