Thursday, March 21, 2013

Three Things.

Hello and happy Thursday! I really like taking note of three things last week so I decided to do it again. My little man is a big fan of cuddling and I love it. I want to more specific here, this guy only really considers it cuddling if our faces are touching and his hair is in my eyes. This is what it usually looks like.

Yesterday we were out and about and decided to stop into the pet store. What a treat! We were there for almost an hour, I was a little bored but he had so much (free) fun! This little blurry hamster was his favorite, he kept saying "I want the little one." I suppose that's better than him wanting the rats that were seriously making my skin crawl.

And finally, fresh juice! We made this tasty concoction the other evening to have with dinner. I made it in the Vitamix then strained it. It was a hit! It was one orange, one carrot, a handful of kale, ice and water. I poured some for O then added some fresh ginger to mine. Yum. Here's to appreciating the little things around you.

Monday, March 18, 2013

For the Last Time.

Those are fateful words but I believe it. At least until we are old and grey or when we move to the beach. Either way, it won't be happening again soon. I'm almost afraid to speak publicly about it since this process has been totally long and arduous. But the movers are coming on the 30th so we'd better get to packing.

My plan is to tackle one small task at a time. Luckily we are working on a much smaller scale since half of our things are already packed. So today's task was to pack the linen closet, towels, sheets, and junk. So far so good. Have a Happy Monday!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Ten Whole Minutes.

This little ten minute task was pretty funny. Pipe cleaners and a colander and he was quiet and content for ten whole minutes the other morning. It was one of those rough mornings and although I had hoped it would entertain him longer, I did enjoy the calm for a bit. 

He took this last photo himself and was quite pleased. "I hit button." Ok little man, you hit button. Maybe next time he'll play longer. What tricks do you have up your sleeve? Happy Friday friends!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Three Things.

I was just scanning my regular morning blog reads while deciding that I didn't have a post for today. Then I came across this post about increasing your happiness in one of the simplest ways I've heard lately. The simple act of writing down three things per week that you are grateful for can boost your happiness. So I'm game. It's easy to do and hopefully just thinking about it today will shift my mood. I was woken up by a screaming toddler asking for chips for breakfast, and the screaming continued for some time, so I'm a little rattled. There are the glaringly obvious things but today I'll talk about something else. 

Toddler bedhead. It's the best and just so hilarious. O used to get a major mohawk but these days it's more of a giant poof of a halo. The first photo represents my love of that light leak that happens in a photo when you catch the sun at just the right angle.

I love, love the farmer's market. If you've been reading my ramblings for awhile, it's something you might remember. But it's my favorite place to go on Saturdays and I love to seek them out when we are on vacation too. Our new house is in walking distance and I couldn't be more excited.

I'm also grateful for those dumb jokes with friends that never get old. I hope you have a Happy Wednesday! What are you grateful for today?

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Little Light Prints.

I have a known weakness. I'm basically incapable of not buying cute/cool/inspiring prints when I see them. And when I saw these Little Light Prints offered on Brickyard Buffalo last week I knew I had to have them. They are just so cute and I knew they would be perfect in our little man's new room or playroom. 

The excitement and anticipation of moving into our new house is palpable. I think that even O is ready to go! There's endless opportunity to paint, decorate, and remodel. So when I see something that I think will help me get a theme going it's hard to pass up! But I can't get everything there is to get. I have to  be cautious and reasonable with spending. I say that in the most mature voice I have. To curb my spending I pin like crazy and do my best to save up for the perfect thing! Have any great decorating ideas that are budget friendly? Send them my way!

Monday, March 11, 2013

Frozen Lake.

Saturday morning the sun was in full effect so we ditched our indoor plans for a more exciting adventure day! I remember going to Lake Erie in the winter with my mom and brother one day and seeing how awesome the giant frozen lake was. So we bundled up and headed on down. I'm about to share a bunch of photos as proof so bare with me!

The icy lake and the bright blue sky were so quiet and peaceful. The warm sun made our walk pleasant, we didn't really even need our hats on.

The park was filled with joggers, families, dogs, and even a few guys looking for treasures with metal detectors. We met up with my brother-in-law and his girlfriend and their two dogs that were super excited to take a quick dash around off leash. Their romp was a perfect example of how pent up we all felt!

It was just one of those awesome days that just made me happy! How was your weekend? I hope you have a Happy Monday!

Friday, March 8, 2013

Good Morning, Friday.

Because I've had the pleasure of being up very, very early lately I've gotten to notice the slight change in the morning skies. They are lightening up just a bit earlier, the sun is coming through our porch doors, and I've heard those busy sparrows out there too. This year spring will bring lots of new changes for us, the most important of those things might just be a new house! We found our place and there's just one more thing to do in this very long process before we can officially call it home. We have our fingers crossed as tightly as they can be in hopes that it all comes together! Then we'll pack up this place and happily hit the road. I hope your Friday promises excitement and fun. Enjoy your weekend!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

You Be Good.

Hey little boy, what seems to be your issue these days? You wake up two or three times a night and then refuse to go back to sleep, and that screaming is top notch. You could be in the movies. During the day for the most part all is well, we play, we eat, we do silly things and it's all good. But come 6:00 you turn into a tired fussy ball of energy. Every little thing is an issue. You put up a good fight, I'll give you that but here's the thing...we are tired. Tired like we have an infant, tired like we only slept four hours last night. And so are you. So let's make a deal, you be good and I'll make you all of the popcorn. Deal?

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Classic Charm

Spring is right around the corner...right? I've heard the birds chirping in the morning so I have to believe that they are happy about something. Warmer weather means lighter clothing and sunny colors. 

I've been working hard with some brides for their upcoming weddings and while finding the perfect fabrics for their weddings, I've also been finding the perfect fabrics for the shop. It's really hard to narrow things down for myself and to know when to put things back. This Liberty of London was a must!

We'd be drowning in fabric if I got every single one that I like! So here are a few of the new ones that I'm gushing over! I just love the way that the diamond point looks, it's just a little different but still so classic. Plus I'm getting much better at tying the bow ties myself too! I'm off to start the day, I hope yours is a good one.

Monday, March 4, 2013

In Like A Lion

Oh hello there! It's been unintentional but I've been missing on here lately. Our beloved desktop was in the shop and I can't tell you how happy I am that we now have it back. That was a rough week :) While I was gone we had a very major outdoor breakthrough...this little boy played in the snow! Here's the proof!

We crunched through the icy snow at Shaker Lakes on Sunday. Running, hiding, and saying hello to dogs.

He spotted this line of trees and yelled "what's over there?" Off he ran without any concern, he's a new boy!

This is our foolproof way of getting him to leave places, we offer a ride on the shoulders and he's game. Somehow he never suspects that we are heading to the car until we get there. It was a cold but fun morning in the snow. I hope you have a happy Monday!