Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Well Crafted: Crochet Cluster Necklace

My little man and I took a trip to a craft store the other day looking for a chain to repair an old necklace that I broke long ago. While there I got inspired by all the crafting supplies and did my best to only spend $13. It takes practice and serious restraint. The last time I went without a plan I ended up with a ton of fabric that I'm still looking to use... Anyhow this time I picked up just a few things and made a pretty fun necklace that seems perfect for spring. I'm all about appropriate short cuts so finding these crochet embellishments felt pretty good. But if you can make them, then more power to you!

Crochet embellishments
14" of chain
Needle & thread
4 jump rings
Jewelry pliers, preferably with metal cutter
Measuring tape

Sew the crochet flowers together in an overlapping cluster. I played around with it a bit until I got them just right. Using the pliers (or scissors) cut the chain in two pieces measuring 7" each. Attach a jump ring to each side of the crochet cluster and loop the chain through. Attach the clasp and wear it, sister.

I'd also like to give a shout out to Natalie for the new braided bang hair do!

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