Thursday, May 31, 2012

Into the Compost

Are you a composter? We have been avidly composting our kitchen and yard waste since we moved into our place. It's a great way to reduce unnecessary garbage that goes to the dump and also help you to create nutrient rich soil for your garden and potted plants. I have memories of the coffee tin that my grandmother kept at her kitchen sink filled with egg shells, coffee grounds, and discarded peels. Here is a great link about the ins and outs of composting if you are interested. Each summer we have enough compost to add to the soil in our vegetable gardens. My husband uses a mix of one part compost, one part vermiculite, and one part peat moss. It's a spongy super soil.

And in other gardening news, here is a photo update of the lettuce portion of our garden. It has really taken off! As for the tomatoes, one plant didn't make it and another one was struggling but seems to have pulled through. And because I couldn't resist, I bought two more plants. But this is it...I swear. How is your garden coming along?

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