Wednesday, May 16, 2012

I was very busy last weekend working on projects that I've been wanting to try out. The allure of ombré dyeing has had my interest for awhile now, so I figured the best way to test it out was with some shirts for the babe. I figured that was the safest first attempt since he'll wear them no matter what without complaining. I say this because while I followed the instructions exactly as they are on the Rit website, the dye solution wasn't perfect so I'd recommend a different product. Live and learn. Anyway, it was fun!

A bucket or container that holds 3 gallons
1 cup of salt
A hanger or dowel rod for dipping
Onesies, or whatever you'd like to dye
Rubber gloves

Follow the interactions on your dye to make up the solution. The onesie should be damp to begin, wring out excess water. 

I used a hanger to dip my onesies. 

Submerge about one-third of the shirt into the dye for 10-15 minutes, moving it up and down to create a blended line. It's nice to have someone there to talk to yo while you are holding this because otherwise you might get a little bored while your arm gets tired.

Submerge the shirt deeper into the dye for about 5-7 minutes, moving it up and down. Then with rubber gloves on, put the remainder of the shirt into the dye for about 2-3 minutes. Squeeze out the excess dye and run under cool water until the water runs clear. 


Wear BOTH gloves to avoid this situation. 


Hang to dry with the darkest color down so that the dye doesn't run onto the lighter part. The next day, I threw the shirts into the wash for a quick rinse and spin cycle to remove any excess dye before wearing. They aren't perfect but I think they are pretty fun! This blue color really looks good on Oliver. Little Man wore his new shirt with pride and felt pretty cool showing of his biceps at the the playground!


  1. Hey tie dye is even more fun. and your arms will not get tired. just sayin. and you get some really cool designs.

    1. Ha! That is exactly was I was thinking when I was making these. I'm saving that pack of red dye for some tie dye instead. Thanks for reading!

  2. Love this! I've dyed some overly stained onesies before to try and squeeze some more wears out of them. I'll definitely try this next time!