Tuesday, May 1, 2012

On Kindness

It's really easy to walk around in a grumpy mood sometimes. The weather, lack of sleep, or just getting up on the wrong side of the bed can really put me in a mood. But do you know what is better? Being nice. Today we had to do one of those mundane tasks, of going to the grocery. Under prepared as usual. I'm tired of picking out meals and no matter how much I ask for a grocery fairy, she doesn't appear. But I put on my favorite hat and went out in the misty morning anyway. We made the best of our trip by getting a coffee and trying to have fun. Here's where the nice part comes in. My little guy was done with being in the cart and pretty frustrated that I wasn't finished shopping yet as he strained to grab a box of cereal from the back of the cart. We ran into a friend that works at the bakery and stopped to say hello. Having a child of his own, he recognized that look of irritation from the babe and  the frazzled mama look in my eyes. So he gave him a freshly baked pretzel. It was a simple and kind gesture from him and it made our morning. Oliver was happy for the rest of the trip, I got all of the meals, and it even gave us the extra half hour to stop by and say hi to his grandparents. You never know how a little gesture can change the outcome of someone else's day.

Image source: Pretzels

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