Monday, April 21, 2014

A Weekend In The Sun.

Happy Monday! We had a lovely weekend with friends and family enjoying the beautiful weather! We started Tiger Cub soccer two weeks ago and let me tell ya, the first day was rough. It was a little chaotic and way too new so the majority of the three year old parents suffered in public as a group. But by the second week things were MUCH smoother. O participated and had fun. He also acted like a three year as you can see in the photo but it was still fun. 

Then we promptly headed out to join friends for our annual camping trip. The husbands were out the night before so we went to meet up for the day. The kids played hard, ate lots of snacks, and explored while the adults laughed and hung out together. It was so fun. We are lucky to have good friends with lots of kids to make group activities fun!

The breeze was cool but the sun was warm and I took full advantage and made sure my camp fire seat was in a full sun spot. O loves the tent and spent a lot of time in there rolling around and being a goof. 

Sunday morning we woke up at home, got a visit from the Easter bunny that resulted in the immediate need to play with his new bath toy for about an hour in the tub! We headed outside to enjoy the sun before Easter brunch and O decided that he was absolutely going to ride his bike all the way to his grandma's house. The walk was really  nice and he actually rode about a mile before he needed Papa to rescue us in the car and drive the rest of the way.

We had a lot of fun on the cute egg treasure hunt that the bunny left for him at grandma's house. And he orchestrated a great play time with all the adults in the front yard. We had a great family time and then spent the rest of the day in our backyard. 

I hope you had a great weekend too!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

New Spring.

Once the spring weather shows up so do the bright colors and fun patterns! I've been excited to show off some of the new fabrics that I've picked up! I'm especially happy about these lovely purple prints that are perfect for spring events including Easter! 

And just for fun I decided to offer up a 20% off code for any order placed between today and April 8th! Just add the code SPRING20 before you check out!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The Party People.

Apparently the majority of our little friends were born in the month of March. So far we've been to four parties in two weekends and it's been a wild and fun time. It's so fun to see how our friends put together parties for their kids. It ranges from a casual meet up to a jump palace to a mini rock show with dad and grandpa performing for the birthday girl. No matter how you put it, our little ones are lucky to have good friends to celebrate with. Above and below is what taking a photo of 18 kids kids looks like. Check out my little guy's face in the second photo, he's not into it anymore.

Let's not forget the new ones! How cute are these dads with their new boys??

We had a variety of cupcakes including minion cupcakes, a Superman cake, and a donut cake. No matter the form, it seems consistent that O eats it frosting side down and is over it once the frosting is gone and we are left to discard of the stump.

At the fourth party O discovered that this cool fire engine moves when his cheap-o parents agree to put quarters in! There was an excavator too and his was over the moon.

I love this sweet picture of the last birthday girl. She was so gracious in welcoming everyone to her party. This is what we've been up to and it's been a lot of fun. I'll share some of the fun gifts that I made for the kids next! Happy Wednesday!

Monday, March 24, 2014

A Rustic Wedding

I was so excited last week to wake up to this lovely email from a bride and groom that I worked with back in November. Kara and Brandon were so kind to share photos with me from their wedding and their photographer Angela Barutenek of Aster & Olive was just as nice for letting me share them with you! You can check out more of their wedding on Angela's site here.

The wedding was rustic and took place in Geneva on the Lake. The details look amazing and these two were a breeze to work with. They saw the fabric they like from my Boutique Bridal Bazaar display in 2013, they let me pick the lining, and these guys look amazing. And Kara is a beautiful bride. Oh, ad don't forget that awesome little pug! Thanks so much to the happy couple, wishing you lots or happiness!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The Reluctance.

I started this prototype kid's tie one year ago. It didn't work quite right so I set it aside and basically forgot about it. In the meantime, I did manage to crank out one, count 'em, kid's tie for a custom order during this past year. Yesterday I was bumbling around in the studio and came across this fun neon thing that I started. So I tinkered with it. It's still not perfect and honestly, it's a little long for O but he's wearing it with pride. "Papa pulls on it like this," he said when he put it on.

This sourpuss face is the most accurate of shots that I got. He agreed to take pictures but was pretty annoyed that it was "taking soooooo long." It was five minutes tops. 

But once it was over he took the wearing of his new tie (or tight, as he says) pretty seriously. He wore it to Home Depot and wanted to put it back on after his bath. And this morning he requested to wear it again when it was time to get dressed. So he'll be the most formal one at his sitter's house today I'm sure. Happy Tuesday, hope you're looking your best!