Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Embosser

On a trip to Atlanta last fall, I stopped into a store called The Paper Source and immediately fell in love with everything that I saw. My husband was patiently waiting outside wondering what black hole I had fallen into because I was in there for so long. The staff was very friendly and helpful while I looked around.

We had just recently decided that we were going to plan our son's first birthday with an octopus theme and I found the perfect stamp in the shop. That's when I learned about embossing. How had I missed this fun embellishment?? It's really easy and fun to do. Plus it makes a simple card seem really fancy. Here are the steps.

Heat Gun
Embossing powder
A stamp pad, either clear or colored
Paper for embossing and scrap paper

Gather your tools

Ink your stamp on the ink pad. If you use a clear pad then all you will see in the end is the raised embossing powder. If you use a color then you will see both.

Stamp the paper and sprinkle the powder making sure to completely cover the image. Shake the extra off onto the scrap paper and set aside.

Point the heat gun at the paper a few inches away. As the powder heats up it will melt and quickly become raised and shiny. The paper cools off very quickly.

It's that simple! Since I bought all the supplies, I have made invitations, personalized stationery, and several other fun things. I know lots of people use it for scrapbooking too. Have fun with it!

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