Wednesday, May 30, 2012


The closest that I ever came to achieving the bangle bracelet look was when I wore about one hundred jelly bracelets on both of my arms. I've always been envious of those able to wear a ton of bangles on their arms and not be annoyed with all the banging. I find them to be bothersome when I'm going about my day but I like the way it looks. 

These two bracelets were both gifts. I wear them all the time. Particularly the smaller one because it's the perfect shape and size. My father-in-law is currently living in Tai Pei and made it for me for Christmas at an outdoor market. It's small and simple and seems to go with everything. Plus it feels pretty special to me too.  How do you accessorize those arms?


  1. I go between massive watch and/or huge cuff, although sometimes I just pile on a bunch of bangles (but not usually for work- too noisy). I have a small but controllable watch obsession!!

    1. I love the big gold watches I've seen around! I might have to turn back into a watch-wearing girl.