Friday, September 20, 2013


I can vaguely remember the day when my brother picked saxophone as the instrument that he wanted to learn. It was probably the next day that I decided to learn to play the piano, very poorly. Even at that age I could see the difference in our desire to play music. While I appreciate, understand, and love it I just do not have the drive that is required to actually be a musician. Most notably the desire to practice. I just wanted to be good without having to work. But my brother would play and replay his horn, make the dog howl, and make me crazy. I think that from the very beginning he had a vision of his musical style. His skill was obvious and his interest is unending. So it always, always makes me proud to see him on stage.

Last Saturday at high noon Mephiskapheles took the stage at Riot Fest, brought in a crowd, and rocked the stage. The crowd was hyped up and it was really so awesome to see. I haven't seen this band in years and every time I do I'm impressed with their energy and ability to capture the crowd.

Right there, behind the mohawk is my brother on the big screen!

His friends showed up from Chicago and flew in from New York and we drove all because none of us would miss it!

He even wore his custom made tie clip that reads "devil" on stage, aw shucks.

The rest of the beautifully sunny and warm day could not top his performance for me. We wandered and listened, ate, and tried our best to keep hydrated in the sun but didn't last the whole day. But that's ok, I saw what I came to see, my brother.

He's even a punk rock star when he eats insanely big desserts after brunch at Au Cheval. Great show brother. Happy Friday!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Weekend Getaway: Just Us.

Last weekend we had our very first entire weekend away since Little Man was born. It happened to fall just after our eighth wedding anniversary so it really was a treat. We headed to Chicago to see my brother's band play at Riot Fest. Such a big deal! There's no way we were going to miss it! The funniest part about it is that our friends in Chicago that we always stay with just moved back to Cleveland (and our other friends were out of town), so it was a trip for just us, for the most part. It was great! We missed Little Man but sleeping in, staying up late, and having no plan at all was a much needed treat. These were our best Riot Fest faces to start the weekend off. The drive there is always more exciting than the drive home. We played games and listened to music. And I tried my best not to cry about leaving the boy. Now for the major photo dump.

Friday night we stayed in this cute B&B in Logan Square called Longman & Eagle. Each stylish little room is different. Ours had this cool mural over the bed and a nice subway tile bathroom with a hanging terrarium and a variety of mix tapes, which was pretty fun. Plus we got two wooden nickels for whiskey drinks at the bar. Friday night was filled with bar hopping, taking the train, and catching up with the Riot Fest folks after their night. Plus we discovered Cards Against Humanity, JJ was the big winner.


I didn't get a proper photo of the swanky place we stayed Saturday night downtown by the river called the Langham. It was equipped with a rapid fill tub and a rain shower with a privacy glass that turned back to regular glass with the tap of a button. We walked around the city, had a low key dinner, then a nice quiet night watching a movie in bed. We had a great time catching up with my brother and sister-in-law plus a really great surprise friend that came to check out the show too. I'll share more about Riot Fest on part two, you can only take so many photos, right? Happy Tuesday.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013


You and me kid. Eight years of triumphs, strike outs, love, and hilarity. We look like babies in most of these photos and that makes me excited to just keep taking more. Our life is rolling out before us and promises exciting and unknown possibilities. Cheers to you, forever!

Monday, September 9, 2013

Three Things. In Red.

I think that September is my favorite month. The weather here is almost always so lovely, it's one of those times that Cleveland has bright blue skies and the overcast grey takes a much needed break. We have been out soaking up the end of summer with friends at BBQs, picnics, and now watching football. When I finally connected my phone to dump some photos today I noticed the vibrant colors that I've been capturing and wanted to share. This dahlia farmer at the market has the most beautiful bouquets that I admire weekly. I was standing and talking to a friend about how I should just buy some since they clearly make me happy. But then I didn't...and I've been thinking about them ever since. Why do I feel like flowers are such a splurge? They bring a little beauty indoors but I always hesitate and think, next time. 

Beet juice does not in fact make me happy. It's so red and pretty and misleading. I've tried it twice, gotten some advice about how to make it better. But I don't know if I can subject myself to this flavor again. But isn't it so cheery?

I woke up one morning thinking about the end of summer and decided that I needed to get as many tomatoes as possible before they are gone. I love them when they are in season. They taste like summer and are tangy. I hope you have a happy Monday!