Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Impulse Shopping

On Saturday I ran into the fabric store to browse, all by my lonesome. It was a nice little treat but I quickly realized that the more time I have in there, the more trouble I can get into.

I was looking for something to match this bicycle fabric I picked up from Spoonflower to make a pillow for the chair in my son's room. Have you ever seen this site? It was an enormous amount of unique fabrics and designs. You can even design your own! It's amazing and a bit overwhelming. 

So after only minutes I had about five different bolts of fabric in my basket. I just put everything that I liked in and figured I would sort things out later. I was grabbing all sorts of spring, masculine yet youthful fabrics completely ignoring my set plan.

So I bought these four. I love them, but I don't have a clear plan which can lead to me just admiring them and never doing anything with them... I can't let this happen because they are too good. And lord knows, I do not need more things just sitting around our house!

So I'm off to scout out some ideas...maybe you'll see some over on Pinterest. 


  1. I haven't used spoonflower but have been meaning to. I have been sewing for some time but I always struggle finding fabric that I like. Very cute choices though. Where do you go in Cleveland??

    1. I have been having some pretty good luck at Joann's if you can stand the long lines. I haven't tried anywhere else though since my projects are generally pretty small. But there is an awesome place in Columbus that I'd love to check out if happen to be in the neighborhood!

    2. Oh wow, sew to speak looks awesome. Ironically, Eric and I have been talking about going to Columbus so who knows, maybe I will end up checking it out. I am happy you are blogging. I started a blog as well and I'm trying to get connected with more people that I know who have them. xoxo.