Monday, April 16, 2012

On the Table: At Bonbon Pastry & Cafe

Last Friday we had some celebrating to do so a friend and I took the kiddies down to check out Bonbon Pastry & Cafe, a cute little place in Ohio City. It's just a block west of the Westside Market, see it in the background?

They feature some delicious looking pastries, breakfast/brunch, and some lunch too later in the day. I even noticed some happy hour drinks and meals too! The place was brightly lit and sits on a busy corner so there is some decent people watching to do through the floor to ceiling windows (not that we could do much of that with three children in tow). 

Here's my little guy patiently waiting for his cinnamon pancakes with caramel apple topping. He split them with his date and I think they both really enjoyed them. The apples were pretty amazing!

I got the black bean and avocado slider special that was vegan and totally delicious. If you are in the neighborhood, I'd stop by and check it out if I were you. It was a serious venture for us with all the kids but it was a sunny day and we got serenaded there and back by my friend's daughter so that was pretty great. 

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