Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Flowers are Free

Monday turned out to be a gorgeous day in Cleveland. So what better do to than stroll through the Rockefeller Park Greenhouse with my mom and my babe. The tulips were all blooming and there is nothing quite like the site of thousands of blooming tulips.

The ferns were unfurling and I was quite taken by their beauty.

And Little Man got see how his very favorite food grows.

Then we traveled to the desert. The cactus garden was filled with amazing prickly plants. This one reminded me of gathered fabric and flowers.

There is an entire wall of potted orchids accented by amazing origami butterflies that hang from fishing line. My next project just might teach me how to make them!

A chartreuse fern in the making.

Doesn't it look like someone painted the middle of this plant?

This giant tree in the entryway had fruit hanging way at the top.

Here we are enjoying a chance to walk around in the grass of the statue garden. And the best part of this whole trip is that the gardens are completely free! If you've never been, I would definitely recommend a visit. Enjoy your day friends!

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