Thursday, April 5, 2012

But What If I Need It Later?


Hi there. I'm ready to admit publicly that I have a problem. I hide it well (hear a scoff from my husband), but it's there none the less. I am a chronic saver. I keep bits of paper, scraps of yarn, crinkled old magazines, all in the name of craft. What if I need it later??  That is what I'm thinking when my hand hovers over the garbage with a scrap of pretty paper that to most people is not worth saving. 

Well it ends today, ok really it was last week. I seriously had scraps of paper in my "collage" box from college. Yes, college. I graduated in 2001 and these little pieces of scrap have been a burden I have moved from place to place. They are pretty and I think that if I'm planning to craft something up I just might use them. The problem with that thinking is that while yes, I'm reusing something, I very rarely remember what is in that unorganized box of crap in the basement. 

So I ruthlessly purged myself of all things scrap and crap. Out went the crinkled and torn colored parchment paper from 1999, out went the ripped up magazine from the supply closet in art school. I have no regrets and am a better woman for it. And check out this organized space! Pretty cool, huh? 

Are you tired of seeing pictures of my office yet? Yeah, my neither.


  1. Well done! I am all for purging and uncluttered spaces! :)
    Ronnie xo
    p.s. Found your blog via DLF.

    1. Thanks! It does feel great to get rid of things.