Tuesday, April 3, 2012


For a while we were collecting little glass jars to organize screws and nails in my husbands work room. We saw an immaculate space at a family friend's home years ago and were inspired. Since then, nails and screws and loose items alike have been scattered neatly stored away but from time to time I can't resist hanging on to a nicely shaped glass jar.

So let's make some fun vases, ok? This is a quick project that you can do on a rainy day and would even be fun to make with your kiddos.

Glass jars
Paint brushes
Painter's tape
Exacto knitfe
Washi tape

Soak the labels off in warm soapy water. Using painter's tape, mask off a design on the jar and paint. Once the paint is dry you can remove the tape and use an Exacto knife to remove any excess paint or little smears. You can further embellish the jars with Washi tape, glitter, or tissue paper.

These fun jars can now be used as bud vases or storage. We use ours in the bathroom for cotton balls and Q-Tips. Or arrange in a grouping and use a the centerpiece at your next brunch!

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