Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Before & After: Our House

To start this post out I have to give you a little background. We bought our house six years ago in the fall. It was in decent shape, needed a fair amount of cosmetic updating but seemed to be in pretty decent shape. Famous last words, right?

On a very sunny February morning we woke up to what can only be described as disaster. I noticed that the paint by one window in our bedroom appeared to be bubbling so I touched it...water burst out and that was the beginning of a very, very stressful eight months of repair work. Walls were crumbling, ceilings were leaking, and water was making itself known in every room. All of this was due to a very badly "updated" roof. The previous owners claimed to have put on a new one but it just wasn't the truth. It was a shoddy job that cost us an incredible amount of money. Lesson learned. 

From top to bottom this house has been updated, painted, shingled, dry walled, stained, insulated, and repaired. The majority of the work was done by my brother-in-law. And we ourselves have done a major amount too. So here are a few shots of the work we've accomplished over the years. 

The basement was a big open red space.

My husband erected walls, built rooms, closets, and made a crafting counter for me. I picked out the colors and promised to help paint...then I got pregnant so I pretty much got out of working down there at all.

The bathroom was a wood paneled lodge. There were railings all over the place and carpet hiding broken tiles. We brightened it up with paint and some elbow grease. Now it's a light filled space that is cheery in the morning.

The textured kitchen ceiling was bulging and sagging. It had track lighting that was pretty ineffective so we decided that since we had to bust it out, we'd have my brother-in-law put in can lights.

Now it's perfect. We also tore up eight layers of linoleum tiles to find a pretty nice wooded floor. We had it refinished and replaced the countertops too!

The second bedroom, along with the majority of the rest of the house was painted a dull beige color. We figured we could live with it. But once the water damaged happened it had to be fixed.

We found lots and lots of soaking wet wallpaper underneath. 

Now it's the baby's room. It's a cute little space with lots of room for playing. This is our home and I love it but we are running out of things to do!

If you are interested in any of the framed artwork, it can be found here, here, and here.


  1. Not to be rude- but my god! That house was a nightmare! I had no idea just how much work you all did! LOVE the before & afters :)

    1. You speak the truth! We were inexperienced to say the least!