Thursday, October 11, 2012

Denim in Autumn

I was the lucky winner of a gift card to Madewell from the lovely Clevelandshopaholic and it was burning a hole in my pocket. I went in a few times before I made my final decisions. I've been in envy of  these chambray shirts for awhile now but was fearful that I would accidentally be reliving my oversized baggy phase from high school. I was pleasantly surprised at how flattering this shirt was. It's nothing like the giant shirt I used to wear, mostly because I bought a size that fits me. But the denim is nice and sturdy and it's quickly becoming my favorite new layering piece. And then I discovered this...

It's also my favorite shirt for Oliver too! I'm sure eventually we'll wear them on the same day and it will be nerdy and cute. So many thanks for my new shirt! What is your favorite piece for fall?

Image: Madewell


  1. Love the pic of him peaking around the wood - adorable! And the matching shirts are so cute

  2. Thanks Crystal! I love that we have matching shirts now :)