Thursday, October 4, 2012

A Cookie For Your Thoughts

Yesterday we had a really fun play date with some friends. We talked about sleeping, eating, and all things family. I love play dates like these because I came away with ideas for cooking, snacking, and making time for the good things in life. I felt better about Oliver's sleeping issue and was ready to work this thing out. We had dinner, we had fancy cookies from a too close bakery and he went to bed. And then he woke up...we tried to let him cry and settle back down but that just didn't work. Mostly because I feel so paranoid about being too noisy in this apartment. I heard the downstairs neighbors up after he settled back down, I don't know if they were up before or not but hearing them didn't help. I'm certain it's just a phase but when you are in the thick of it it's really hard to see the end. We all need a little more sleep and maybe another cookie. Have a great day out there!

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