Thursday, October 18, 2012

An Encounter

Yesterday was a day. Baby boy wasn't feeling his best so we had to make due just hanging out together. When he woke up from his nap we ran some errands that included stopping by to see Papa at work. All was well and we were on our way to pick up four tablespoons of miso from a friend that I needed for a recipe, aren't friends grand? Anyhow, Oliver started in on an incredibly out of control coughing fit so I stopped the car and pulled over. I turned around to check on him and stuck my hand out just in time to catch vomit (just as FYI try to avoid doing that because then you have NO way to clean up with a hand full of puke). Oh no. I jumped out of the car to assess the messy situation and to make sure he was ok. As I stood there wondering what exactly I should use to clean him up, a woman stopped raking and came over to help. She brought me out an old towel and reassured me that in her experience, he was probably feeling better and would make it home. After all, she had six kids of her own plus grandchildren, so I believed her.

It was so kind of her to make sure we were ok and to offer a towel instead of the diaper wipes I was using. People are nice and I really appreciated the help. Good samaritans are a blessing and I'll be sure to return the kindness when I can.


  1. This is really amazing, my dear. Makes me a litle emotional. Thanks for sharing!

  2. oh man, what a nice lady! hope Oliver is feeling better :(