Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Another Man's Treasure

A few years ago my husband scavenged a half dozen or so shutters. They have been lying in wait for some time until now. I needed to have a set up for the show last week and I didn't really want it to just be on a table. We were checking out another craft show and with a few extra brains in the mix we came up with a plan. Here's what we did!

2 large shutters
2 hinges

We sanded and prepped the shutters and primed them awhile back when we had no idea what we were doing with them. And by "we" I mean the husband. Then I bought some spray paint to do my part and he took over. 

He attached two hinges at the top and bottom for easy assembly. I figured that I'd need some flat surface so I used this amazing handmade table that was a gift from our wedding.

I put in six nails and tied some twine to make it easy to display the bow ties. I say this as if it were my first thought, but it wasn't. There was some trial and error for sure! I used tacks for the headbands the night of the show and I was good to go! Set up and tear down was really simple and the shutters flow up flat quickly and fit right into my hatch back! And if you aren't in the market for a display, I think these would make a pretty cool room divider too!

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