Tuesday, July 3, 2012

We Are Family

We had the pleasure of taking Oliver to his very first wedding last weekend and it was so much fun! My husband comes from a large family of very close-knit cousins so this wedding was filled with a lot of love. His cousin married an amazing woman and we are just so happy!

The wedding took place about two hours south of us on a beautiful and huge farm with an amazing greenhouse filled with hundreds of hanging baskets, a koi pond, and tropical plants galore! The ceremony was outside on picturesque land in some pretty sweltering heat. Luckily it was simple and lovely and we were able to escape indoors quickly to cold drinks and large fans.


Our little guy is pretty lucky to have so many adoring older cousins. They danced, played, and kept him giggling all night! And as the family photo above shows, Oliver discovered a new favorite food, pizzelles! His Great Grandma would be so happy.

Here he is with his Grandma and his Great Aunt, the mother of the groom. They all looked so beautiful!

Stylin' in his bow tie and suspenders. The bow ties will be available for purchase very soon! Not so subtle plug...

After an amazingly fun afternoon and evening, we took the long and winding road back to Cleveland. Congratulations cousins, we love you! Thanks for baring with me those of you that have already seen this photos.

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  1. You guys look like you had a great time! Little O is SO dang stylish with his mix and match accessories and shorts. And that bow tie is killer!