Monday, July 30, 2012

Glorious Gardens

Last weekend we had the pleasure of checking out the 2nd annual Garden Walk Cleveland. It was a scorcher to say the least but we made due. We checked out two of the many neighborhoods featured and were beyond impressed with some of these gardens! This kind of work takes dedication and patience beyond measure. It's such an impressive way to feature everyday people at their best! So many people had a chance to showcase their talents to anyone that wanted to see. Bravo to all the of the hard work of the gardeners and the committee that puts this amazing event on! 

Everyone's cherry tomatoes in Slavic Village put ours to shame! Their backyards have full on sun all day.

The backyards were all connected through little gates on each fence. Talk about close neighbors! This man's vegetable was ridiculous! I can't even being to guess how many plants he had in there. The back of the garden was lined with four or five rain barrels to water the raised beds. And he showed us an eight foot zucchini plant. It was no joke.

Oliver spied the cat hiding in this garden and didn't want to leave it's side. He just kept pointing and meowing at it. He wanted him to know he wasn't alone in this heat.

I know it's hard to tell just how tall this 18 year old bamboo is but it was towering over our heads. This man's yard had ponds, koi fish, bridges and a rock garden. All of it was built by him and the previous owners. It was so lovely.

Next week ventured over to the Detroit Shoreway neighborhood where almost everyone on the featured streets was on the tour. This neighborhood takes pride in their yards and I could see why.


This was Oliver's favorite backyard, hands down! This enormous train set has taken the owner 10 years to build. The miniatures were so fun and Oliver even got to take a little dinosaur home with him. But where's the garden you ask?

Well, the vegetable garden was enormous and I saw my very first fig tree! Here's a close up of this beast of a tree. When I rounded the corner, you could smell it's scent. All in all it was a fun, free, and family friendly event. And ours ended with a trip to get ice cream and popcorn at Sweet Moses, have you been? Have a happy Monday, friends!

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