Friday, July 20, 2012

Adventure Day

Yesterday morning was deemed Adventure Day, by me, so Oliver and I headed to Euclid Creek Park to hike and check out the creek. As I imagined, he was enthralled with all the rocks to pick up and gather and the creek, which unfortunately is not for wading. 

We walked around the paths and checked out the creek from above on a wooden platform that was perfect for stomping on.

He spotted a giant plane overhead and was so excited he had to sit down. Planes are quickly becoming one of his favorite things to talk about.

Oliver waved at every single jogger, biker, and group of people that passed us on the path. He was the unofficial greeter for the park that day.

As the skies started to quickly darkened, I decided to turn back. But of course we got caught in the rain anyway, which was fine with both of us. He thinks it's funny and I got a quick cool down.

The end.

Also, please, please joins tonight at Art in the Petit Parc from 5:00-9:00 at Chartreuse in Lakewood! And if you are looking to get out and experience some amazing Cleveland Gardens this weekend, check out the 2nd Annual Garden Walk Cleveland! Explore new neighborhoods and meet people committed to making our city beautiful!

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  1. Oliver would live where we are staying in San Diego near the airport. I feel like I can touch the close! Have an amazing weekend and I hope you rock out the craft show!