Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A Lifetime of Happiness

Last Saturday night we had the honor of attending a beautiful wedding at a winery in Aurora. The sun was shining bright and love was in the air.

The couple, Sara and Justin looked amazing and their families seemed so happy! I was touched by some of their very sweet vows that talked about loving one another faithfully and completely. Promising to give their lives to one another to keep, and fearlessly loving one another as they grew together as a couple. It's always nice as a married couple to hear things like that again to remind yourself of your commitment to your partner. Also, one of her maids of honor sang Crazy Love during the ceremony. It was a so beautiful and a real tear-jerker!

The bride collected an amazing amount of driftwood and tree stumps to decorate each table and provide a rustic quality to the night. The flowers that the bridesmaids carried were gorgeous! Each maid picked out their own dress based on a soft color palette in flowing materials.

We spent the cocktail hour sitting on colorful picnic tables enjoying the sun. Then we had a chance to wander the grounds and check out the patios, covered seating areas, and this really cool table that had chairs made from tree stumps. JJ couldn't resist sitting in one.

Here I am with one of the lovely bridesmaids, Judy. We wanted to take a photo on this hill and to our surprise, the other side was a slate construction site with a barn filled with stuff!

We had a great time celebrating and dancing the night away! We were sent home with tiny succulents that she potted on her own. Thanks for the amazing night, Sara and Justin! I wish you a lifetime of happiness! Stay tuned tomorrow when I show you how I made her something old, her grandmother's pendant, into something new, her hair piece!

Images: top photo by Judy, picnic table by Jeff

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