Friday, June 8, 2012

A Simple Interview with Judy Fitch

Hello Judy! Tell me a about your business Modern Pixie and how you got started making  jewelry.

Modern Pixie has had a life of it’s own! I started making jewelry people started buying it and the rest is history!

You always seem so full of inspiration. Where does that come from? What inspires you to keep creating?

That’s nice to hear!

I find inspiration in everything. In fact, if I didn’t believe it was possible to be too inspired, I’d say I was too inspired. I always have a backlog of ideas and often end up spinning my wheels trying to do it all! Being open to inspiration is the key I think. It really is everywhere. I’ve always had an active imagination, which helps. And I try to slow down often to appreciate tiny things. Staying inspired to keep creating one specific thing (such as jewelry) is more of a challenge. When I need a new idea, I stay AWAY from the internet…comparison, ie looking at other people’s good ideas, steers me in the wrong direction. One little practice that helps me when I’m stuck, is to think of a close friend and imagine I’m making something specifically for them. It helps me get out of my head and into a place of appreciation and love. Some of my favorite pieces have been inspired by the style and essence of my own favorite people.

I'm such a fan of your work and have several pieces. What's your favorite place to get supplies? And where can we find your jewels?

Etsy Etsy Etsy. I love ordering special beads from sellers on Etsy. I love supporting people who are putting time and care into their little corner o the internet. As an Etsy seller, I know how much it makes someone’s day to make a sale, so I try to order from different sellers as often as I can. Spread the love. And, I will forever adore the ladies at Bead Paradise in Oberlin, OH. Ruth and her amazing staff have been so patient, helpful and kind to me over the years. One of my favorite things to do is jump in my car to visit them and stock up on rare vintage beads and gemstones.

Currently, I am focusing on selling on my Etsy store and at shows. My jewelry sells very well at boutiques and can be found at Evie Lou in Tremont, and Corey& Co in Portland, ME. I stepped away from selling wholesale for a bit in order to get back to that person to person connection.

How do you like selling on Etsy versus getting to see your happy customer face to face?

I like them both for different reasons. I love selling online because the market is global. I love putting extra care into each package before I sending it off. And there’s something super cool about sending a piece of jewelry to someone in say, California, who I’ve never met before. I’ve made some really neat
connections with buyers on Etsy. One person I purchased something from in Maine in 2006 has become  a good friend who I’ve visited in real life several times! On the other hand, I love shows. They really bring me to life. They’re a lot of work but I get a lot out of seeing customer’s reactions to my jewelry and from talking to people face to face. Every time I do a show I find myself thinking how much fun it was. Connecting with other artists is another huge plus. Artists are nice people.

What do you do in your spare time (because business owners usually have so much extra time ;)?

I feel like I’m always working! But in reality, I do have down time. I love cooking. That always centers and calms me. My boyfriend and I go on a lot of walks, hikes, coffee dates, and mini-adventures. When I’m alone I journal, practice yoga & thrift shop. I hang out with my girlfriends (and their adorable kids). There’s a lot of love in my life and wish I had time to spend with everyone! I’m working on that. I also have to give a shout out to my favorite thing: canoes. Because I bring up canoes in almost every conversation and interview. I wish I could do everything from a canoe.

I've heard that working from home can be wonderful and difficult, how do you keep yourself on track/what's a typical day like?

I just took a little hiatus from Modern Pixie and it gave me a new perspective on what I was doing wrong in my daily work-from-home life. Working from home is wonderful. But it is definitely challenging!

Me? On track? ha.

Typical day: wake up early, make a smoothie, check the computer even though I’m supposed to be meditating, eat breakfast while replying to emails, check Pinterest and Instagram way too often, go to the coffee shop, journal and make a plan of attack for the day, come back and work…which consists of making jewelry, shopping for supplies, tweaking the appearance of my etsy store, photo shoots, packaging orders etc. I usually hit an energy slump in the afternoon, so I take a walk around the neighborhood or a snack break. Most days, I work from when I wake up until I go to bed! I’m always working on a million different projects and ideas!

One important thing I’ve learned is to schedule time to be social. I have a category on iCal called “Other Humans”! If I look at my calendar and I don’t see enough blue, it’s an indicator that I’m working too hard!

Thank you so much for sharing your story with us Judy! Your delicate creations have always been a favorite of mine and I hope that more and more people feel the same way! Please check out her shop and look for her a shows too!

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  1. So awesome Alicia and thanks Judy for sharing a peek into a phenom, handmade, CLEVELAND business!