Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Sunshine and Flowers

Last week we took a little trip to Grande's Nursery with my mom. This place is immaculate. I could have spent hours snapping photos of their plants and displays! Our plan was to pick up something quickly for my mom, say hi to friend, and head home. But Little Man was having so much fun playing in the little house they have set up that we hung out for awhile. He went in and out ringing the door bell each time, checked out the heavy machinery, and got to chat with a few people. 

It was a perfect little excursion for us all. He got to play, explore, and point to all of the colorful plants and I got to pick up a little something for our patio. It's pretty impossible to leave empty handed from this place! So it you are ever feeling cooped up with your little one, take them to a garden center for a fun learning trip. And if you haven't got a little one then you'll have even more time to find the perfect plant for your garden!

He helped me plant our two new plants. I gave him his own pot to dig in while I worked. I learned my lesson from the last time

I couldn't resist this bright yellow Calibrachoa, Noa Yellow and this whispy Laguna White.

He took a moment to admire his (my) handiwork before heading back to his business of digging. Just look at that belly. Do you like to have potted plants too? They help me make up for my mostly shady yard.


  1. I love potted plants! I have a mini succulent garden going on our back stairs.

    1. I am obsessed with succulent planters. That is where I stopped myself though because I wanted them all!