Monday, February 13, 2012

The Office Makeover

Soon after we moved, in we had an unexpected amount of major work to do to almost every room of the new house. It was a tremendous amount of work that we luckily were able to get help with. Most rooms were complete except one, the office. We quickly slapped up some pale yellow paint that I didn't hate, but just never loved. We had a ridiculously huge and ugly desk left by the previous owners that we just kept. And so for 5 years, it was just a catch-all. Then one sunny Sunday in October, I'd had enough. I ripped out the carpet, removed old shelving and revealed...wait for it...quite a mess.

The floors were hideous, the wall was crumbling, and then the baby woke up. Great idea. So now what...well I'd fallen deeply in love with some wallpaper that I thought would be perfect for the only solid wall in the room. I needed it. I went to price it out and basically came home crushed. The amount of money to do one wall, just one, was way more than I was prepared for. 

There was still hope. I knew that I had that DIY stencil kit for all these years for a reason! Take that wallpaper. We made our own design based on the one I had fallen for, got the $3 tester paints from the store and went to work. The floors were then sanded and refinished, we got a rug, threw that horrible desk out on the curb, and here we are.

Happy in our new room. And it only took 2 months. Give me a break, we have a baby.

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  1. i LOVE this Alicia. perfect use of color (GREY!!) and stenciling. very well done.