Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Envelope Please

I'm in the process of throwing a baby shower for a very dear friend that lives all the way across the country along with a few other friends. The theme will be books, which set us into a tizzy of ideas for the invites. I had the big idea to use old children's book pages to make the envelopes, well then that meant I'd have to make 25 or so envelopes....hmm. The best thing about working with others is they can reign you in when things are a little too lofty. Instead I found an old Dr. Seuss book at the local Goodwill and made envelope liners. Voila. I am pleased.

Blank envelopes, I used Kraft paper envelopes.
Exacto knife and ruler or scissors
Cutting mat
Glue stick
Scrap paper
Old children's book or decorative paper

How To:
Trace the envelope flap onto a scrap piece of paper.
Use template and trace onto the pages of an old children's book, making sure that the template is slightly smaller than the actual envelope so it will still slide inside.
Cut out with scissors or exact knife and ruler.
Slide into envelope and use a glue stick to secure into place.

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