Thursday, February 23, 2012

From the Craft Closet: Stamped with Love.

Don't you just love getting mail?? I have always been a fan. I love to send it and I also love to find a nice surprise in the mailbox from time to time. Last summer I picked up this really great return address stamp on Etsy. I had been searching for the perfect one for years. It was a great deal and I use it all the time. Then for Christmas, I got this really awesome set of alphabet stamps that have been great for personalizing stationery and homemade cards.

When it comes to making your own stationery it's nice to have supplies on hand like mustache stamps or self portraits (how fun are those?!), ink pads, and craft paper. I am a collector of supplies so I often have all the things I need to make something special for a friend. Have you ever thought of making your own stamps? It's really easy if you have the right tools.

Craft Paper
Ink pad
Carving tool
Wine cork, or Speedy Carve

Simply decide on a design. It can be one simple shape like a heart or triangle or something a bit more complex like this goose neck bird. Draw out your design in pencil. Then use the carving tool to carve it out. Get out your ink pad and get to stamping! You can take it a step further and use a nice pen or marker to embellish it even more. I think the wine cork is a clever thing to use and it's free once the wine is gone.

Hope you like it!

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