Monday, February 27, 2012

And Everything Nice

One of my favorite past times is crafting. I love to make things and I feel really good when I'm busy creating something. All of my son's little friends are turning one soon so I've been busy busy getting things together for their birthdays. I'll be sure to share things as they roll out. So first up is something for a little lady friend who will be one on Saturday. I used make headbands all the time and sell them at craft shows and in a few places around town and this little girl loves to wear headbands so it seemed like an obvious gift. I sure hope that she likes it!

Wool felt
Needle & thread
16" measure to fit if possible) Elastic band/metal snap clips
Hot glue gun
Beads, sequins

For this project I decided to keep it simple and make one large flower. I cut four large circles out of the felt keeping one for the base. Next, I folded the circles in half and then in half again and tacked them down to the base piece using matching thread. I arranged the circles in to three sections on the base and attached them all. Next, I sewed the piece of elastic together using my machine. Using a hot glue gun I attached the flower to the elastic band over the seam. Cut the EZ felt to cover the bottom of the flower in order to create a firmer base. Attach the EZ felt base to the flower with the hot glue gun.

If you are using a clip, cut a small hole in the EZ felt and slide the clip through and attach to the flower. Now you have a lovely gift!

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