Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Challenger

This sweet boy is about to be two years old in a few weeks and I'll tell you quite honestly, you can tell. For the most part he's a good boy but there's a temper hiding in there. It's been showing it's impatient little head these days and I'll tell ya, it's not so pretty. I've done lots of reading and know that being a toddler can be confusing and difficult, as in "I'm perfectly fine here playing, why are you making me leave?" My agenda means nothing to him and I get that. But the yelling about "no want it" can get old quickly. We all have to take a breath and regroup sometimes. However, as I write this, I'm listening to him sing his favorite song in pretty perfect pitch in his room as he falls asleep and I'll take this time to enjoy it and prepare for another adventure tomorrow. 


  1. It is so comforting to hear about others going through the same thing! Mine will be 2 next week and while his same little angel self is still in there, the new, more independent, more vocal, and more demanding person we live with has been a huge challenge. I hear we get our sweet boys back at four. Good luck!!

    1. I agree! There's something about knowing you aren't alone in this toddler battle that makes it seem not so unbearable! Happy birthday to your little one and here's hoping for happy toddlers!

  2. Same boat over here for sure! They are so sweet and perfect and then so easily frustrated and uncertain how and where to channel it all. I've found 5 and 2 minute warnings EXTREMELY helpful for transitioning them to another activity (i.e. your agenda, or whatever!). Theo has always had a tough time with transitions. Almost two! Yay!