Thursday, January 24, 2013

Quick Paper Garland

If you have a sewing machine and some paper than you can make this super simple and fun garland in a flash!

Colorful or patterned paper
Sewing machine, thread

Using a straight edge draw faint lines on your paper to mark out the triangles and cut them out. I probably would use more colorful paper next time but this is what I had on hand. The machine was threaded with white and I didn't really want it to pop so it was perfect. Leave a four to five inch tail at the beginning of your first triangle. Then simply run the paper through, you can keep the shapes close like I did or spread them out a bit. Leave the same length tail at the end and you are done!

Thomas and Diesel totally approved so I hung it up on the mantle and was ready to party! I know I talk about garland a lot but it really makes for a festive look. What's your favorite party detail?

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