Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Happy Birthday Little Love.

This joyful little love of ours is two years old today! It's hard to imagine that it has already been that many days since we first held him in the hospital. I'm not one for sugar coating, we've hard long hard days over these last two years but those days have become less and less and are far out shined by the days of pure joy and laughter. He's a gentle little soul with a hell of a sense of humor. He's an actor, a chef, and the most hilarious boy we've ever known. Three cheers to you, my son! And now a few details from the train party!

Thomas the Tank Engine is by far his favorite character these days and I've mentioned before his love of trains in general so the theme was simple. I got the glass milk jars from this etsy site and they were simple and cute. I printed out an image of a train that we liked and tied them on with baking twine. Paper straws are everywhere these days but we got ours in Denver last September. 

I have been a long time fan of Geronimo Balloons but it didn't seem reasonable to get an official one for a two year old so we just got them from the party store and added a little frill. These giant balloons seriously made my day when I found them! The day of I whipped up this very easy paper garland for the mantle (check back tomorrow for a DIY).

My ever impressive husband (and fellow birthday boy) made this amazing Thomas cake and loaded up the cargo cars with all sorts of treats! We welcomed the sugar rush with open arms...well kind of. O was so excited that he just stared at it for ten minutes to make sure nothing happened to it! And the grand finale was this awesome train set from Grandma and Grandpa. We are lucky to have so many wonderful friends willing to cram into this little apartment and let a gang of sugar crazed toddlers run amok. Yay for parties!

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