Thursday, January 31, 2013

Cabin Fever

It hasn't even been that bad out there has it? Or am I just riding high from the last two freaky 60 degree days? Either way I've felt cooped up. There's nowhere to run in this little place and somedays the walls are closing in. The other day we braved the drizzle and dirty snow to check out our old favorite playground for a bit. We ran around and climbed on things until it really started to pour.

So we retreated to the homestead where we built unstable block towers to swat to the ground like King Kong. When I'm feeling droopy about it, I just take a look at the little man, he doesn't seem to mind at all and finds endless pleasure in the little things like running on couch cushions. That's when I tell myself to get over it. How are you holding up through these winter days?

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