Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Holiday Display

On Sunday I spent about two hours in Michael's. I went in with a plan for my table display for the upcoming holiday shows and thought "this will only take 10 minutes!" Famous last words. The short version is that I went in for wooden crates and came out with embroidery hoops...of course I did. It was a team effort in every sense because I needed brainstorming help, inspiration, and muscle. Here's what we all did.

I took the hoops apart and traced around the circle making a larger one. Then cut out the burlap and covered the inner hoop, pulling the fabric tightly around it.

I cut the excess fabric and then my dear husband stepped in to do the nailing. The tough part was avoiding the metal screws in the hoop while also securing it to the base. I bought three round wooden plaques to use as the base for each stand.

This is a photo before the hoop was actually assembled to give you an idea.

When you don't have a workbench, you have to use the coffee table and your foot to hammer things together. I think the team (I had to phone in a friend or two with the brainstorming portion so they aren't all pictured) did a great job and my table will look awesome this Saturday!

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