Thursday, November 29, 2012

Holiday Cards

Do you send out holiday cards? I've always been a fan of getting mail so we try to do it every year. I think it's nice to send a little cheer to the ones you love. It's much easier to come up with a theme now that we have a cute kiddo to take photos of. In the past we've picked lovely letterpress cards, made glitter reindeer postcards, but now we just snap hundred photos of O until we get the right one! This photo is from last year's photo session. Look at that chubby little babe! It takes both of us to wrangle, distract and photograph him but in the end they seem to be pretty cute postcards. And if you have any editing skills you can add text on your own and create some nice effects to the photo. This year we are doing basically the same thing but with an older O and decided to give Vista Print a go. Tell me, how do you spread holiday cheer?


  1. Vistaprint is a good deal, and I'm always happy with their quality. I went in for the MOO postcards again this year because they surprised me with a 40% off deal on Monday! They still feel a little small, just a 4x6'ish trim size (they only have a one-size option), but I love their print quality so much. For the second year in a row we got a nice picture of the kids on Thanksgiving. I like having the kids at the center of the holiday card, but next year we've already decided on a family photograph!