Thursday, November 15, 2012

Remember That Bracelet?

Sometimes you have jewelry that you just love but never seem to wear. For me it was this brightly colored bracelet. I wore it, but not often. It was a bit bulky on my wrist and made it hard to actually do anything with it on. But I kept it, it was a gift, and I loved the idea of it. So, here's how I made it work for me.

I gathered up these supplies:
Old bracelet
24 inches of chain
Nylon coated wire
2 crimp beads

Once I cut apart the bracelet I attached one end of the nylon wire to the chain, slid the crimp bead over the long end of the nylon wire and the shorter piece that I strung through the chain and crimped it closed. Then I strung the beads in the same pattern as the bracelet was and crimped the other end to the chain. And done!

This was a very quick and easy project that turned something I didn't use into something that I'm excited to wear! It slides easily over my head so I didn't need a clasp. Little Man really likes it to and was wearing it before I got a chance to try it on.

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