Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A Texas BBQ

It was my dear friend's birthday last week so we decided to throw her a bash! A Texas, style bash  at that! Well only sort of, but the point was made with hats, boots, and ribs. Let me share the fun with you!

I personally love a birthday party. I love birthdays in general, it's just a happy day to celebrate and eat cake. So when the opportunity arose I couldn't pass it up. I was excited to bake some cupcakes and I of course had to make a topper, so stars seemed like an obvious choice. I somehow missed taking a photo of the Texas flag placemat that I made for her.

I used what I had growing the yard for a simple centerpiece on the outside table. Coneflowers and blossoms from our outrageous mint plants. And then I added the sweet little succulents from the wedding.

She loves pennants, and so do I, so I made a giant one to hang across the garage to welcome our guests!

Oliver got pretty bold and decided to eat ribs that Grandpa made. He loved them so I tried my best as the open-minded but vegetarian mother to let it happen. How can I deny him his Grandfather's famous BBQ?!

The kids ran wild in the yard riding push toys, collecting rocks, and digging up moss (of course). They were in and out of the pool and playing all sorts of imaginative games. I even think the teenage girls had fun too, although that's just hard to tell sometimes.

It was a great evening with great friends. We really do love to entertain and the fun of setting up, decorating, and cooking is really just our way of showing love for our friends and family. We try to keep it simple, creative, and ultimately fun! After all, we know that if things don't go quite as planned, our people would never care. Luckily things went off without a hitch and with lots of help from all that came.

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  1. To deny ANYONE of Big Bourbon's BBQ sauce would be a shame! Lovely gathering. -xoxo