Friday, August 3, 2012

Snippets of Life

Saturday morning we headed out to the farmer's market to pick up a few last minute items for the birthday party we were hosting later. Look at all that corn! Oliver has turned into a little Linus these days and insists of dragging a blanket behind him almost everywhere we go. He usually ends up abandoning it in the car once we get there. This thing has gotten dirty and now I tried to pull the old switcher to get it clean and we swear he was in a mood until the next morning when they were finally reunited!

I see photo opps everywhere we these days. I mean, how can you pass up taking a shot in front of this colorful mural? He really liked leaning up against the wall.

Here are my fellas peering into the completely impressive Ohio City Farm that benefits The Refugee Response Program. It's huge and amazing and I love seeing that skyline in the background.

We met up with some friends and a bunch of kiddies at the splash park on MLK Drive in Cleveland. I saw it once when we were driving and I got really obsessed with taking him there. I was super excited the day of and the kids had so much fun! I loved seeing their little faces as they ran through the fountains. And to make things even more amazing, O fell asleep and slept for FOUR HOURS! What the??

The husband and I got to head out on a much needed date night to see The Head and The Heart at the House of Blues on Tuesday. We went out to dinner before hand and Charity from the band came in alone and sat at the booth behind us. We were pretty certain it was her but didn't hi. The show was amazing!!

Things in the garden are getting so huge and the tomatoes are really delicious! I accidentally missed that giant zucchini growing! I thought the plant was done and there that beast was, hiding under the leaves.

And because I'm doing my best to pass along my new found sweet tooth, we took the babe for ice cream last night to celebrate Thursday! Check out the Lakewood Arts Festival tomorrow if you are looking for something to do! I was also intrigued by this Euclid Beach Blast. I'm hoping to get some DIYs going again soon too. It's tough to get things going and keep our house clean for showings! I hope you all have a great weekend!

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