Thursday, August 9, 2012

Youth & Beauty

It was a rainy Sunday morning and we had hoped to make our first trip to the zoo. But the weather was not permitting so instead we headed over to the Cleveland Museum of Art to check out the Youth & Beauty exhibit. It features the artwork of sixty different artists from the 1920's and illustrates modern realism,  the jazz age, industrialism, and the "uninhibited" youth culture. It was really quite impressive and it really fits into my book club book that is set in the same time period.

Oliver handled the quietness for about an hour, although we did end up taking turns carrying him around. He is not a fan of being in the stroller when it isn't moving fast enough.

We also got a chance to check out the very impressive atrium that is being built. This was O's favorite party because of the high glass ceiling and the tools! We also decided to become members so I'm hoping that means we'll venture down there more often. It is such an incredible resource that we have just 10 minutes away! If you haven't seen this exhibition, go check it out!

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