Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Adventure Day.

Saturdays are our Adventure Day. We'll do anything from taking a walk to the farmer's market to riding the train to the West Side. This Saturday we took ourselves out the Patterson's Fun Fest. We made a foolish mistake of calling it a "donut hunt" from the moment that we woke up. So our punishment was getting asked every three minutes where the donuts are. So once we got ourselves out there we had to get some stat or else the meltdown would get ugly (worse). 

Just look at that happy donut eating boy. Crisis mostly averted. The day couldn't have been more beautiful. The blue skies were unreal. However, allow me to warn you that on the weekends the entrance price is double plus there are several activities (face painting, pony rides, etc) that require more money. Lucky for us this guy is too young to notice such activities when there are tractors to ride and corn mazes to run through.

The best part of the morning was by far the giant slide. He raced down and ran back up to stand in line. He even talked about it all weekend. So I guess the price wasn't too bad if you take that into consideration. Hope your weekend had a little bit of adventure to it! Happy Tuesday!

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