Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Donut Day!

There are fantastic things that happen in neighborhoods everywhere I'm sure. But there's no way you have this magical day that we do. It's Donut Day and it happens one fine day every fall. It's hosted by a family that actually owns this awesome donut making machine. 

You have to keep your eyes peeled for this sign that gets hung the week before letting you know that Donut Day is coming!

The story that I've heard, and it's not quite complete, is that this man used to read a book to his children about a donut machine that got out of control. They loved it and eventually one day bought this for their dad, Tim and Donut Day was born.  This kind family hosts fresh donuts and toppings for all their neighbors and serves coffee and cider too! And by neighbors I mean anyone that stops by. It's so kind and generous and they are delicious! 

We walked down with our buddies that actually live on that street now. They were good to the last drop of cinnamon sugar! Thanks neighbors, you've created memories for a lot of people.

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