Thursday, October 3, 2013

The Chalk King.

If you are ever on Pinterest, you've most likely seen the chalk crown pictures. It's probably the first thing I ever saw there that stuck in my mind way before this little O was born. Sunday we were drawing on the driveway and I remembered it. It's just as cute in person as I imagined. Just look at that mug. 

I was thinking it would be funny to draw all sorts of hats, ears, and antennae for a full blown photo shoot. O thought it was really hilarious. 

This one here is the picture that he took of me wearing the crown...I'll spare my husband the shot of him. He did get his face but it's way too close for comfort.

And naturally he had to take a sleeping one. He loves to pretend to sleep. Have you done this yet? It's a nice break from our normal rainbows and scribbles. Thanks for taking a look.

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