Friday, October 11, 2013

Just the Mama.

Well after two and a half years I finally had a full on weekend on my own. JJ had a fun boys trip to Chicago which left all of the mamas in Cleveland with the kids. Anticipating it made me nervous which is a funny thing since he's my kid. But the feeling of being alone for days at a time with my own child freaked me out, no buffer, to tag team, what was I going to do?! I know that I'm lucky though, he's a good kid and there a so many amazing people that do it alone out there. 


We were just fine. We played with friends, stayed up too late, went to the market, played so more, ate waffles, and you guessed it...played so more!

On Saturday morning he told me in an annoyed voice that "he was taking the train to Chicago." As if to say, I'll find that Papa. We checked out a new playground and found this cool map. He wouldn't listen long enough to show him where Chicago was.

I feel lucky to have such a cool kid and lots of friends to hang with when the husbands take off. I hope they do the same when we all leave next month because it certainly makes things easier. Happy Friday, I hope you have a great weekend! We have a wedding and birthday parties so it should be another fun one!

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