Monday, July 1, 2013

Summer Camp.

Back in April we took a very fun camping trip with some friends. Little Man was so obsessed with the tent when it got there that he basically refused to get out. For over an hour. It got me thinking about all of the cool play tents, teepees, etc. that I've been seeing everywhere. Buying one was my first instinct when we were still in the apartment but after thinking it through it seemed like it would be a lot more fun if we built something. Thus we have the pup tent. We based it on this model but changed it up, scaled it down, and made it collapsable. 

Friday night we took to the basement to build and the attic to sew. I really got out easy on this one since all I had to do was iron and sew two seams but we had fun listening to music and chatting while O snoozed.

Once we were finished we snuck into his room and set it up. In the morning we were awoken to screams of "Mama, what is that?! I need to get in there!" It was perfect. Happy Monday!

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