Monday, July 22, 2013

Before and After: Laundry Room

Happy Monday! JJ has been busy working on the house and yard so I wanted to share the most photogenic of the two completed projects. The other is a roof and it's not all the exciting to see. Behold, our shiny, new laundry room! One of the nicest features of the new house is the first floor laundry room! What a dream...I don't have to go in the basement and it makes things just a little bit easier.

When we moved in the room was fine but it had it's setbacks. Those white wire racks were falling out of the wall, the window in the back was covered in that protective plastic but had about one thousand bugs in it, and it just wasn't very inviting as the main entry to our home.

So JJ got to work painting and repairing the walls. We already our own washer and dryer so we gave the ones in the previous photo to my brother-in-law. The front loaders were just a little sleeker looking but didn't quite fit into the wooden braces that the previous owner had made.

We picked a brighter, cleaner blue for the walls and mounted hooks at our height and ones at O's height too. There is a cabinet with shelves for detergent and other laundry related things plus a bin that we use as a hamper. JJ built a shelf for the machines to sit on so I don't have to bend over and bump into the door behind me (gasp). Plus the cubby below is perfect for collecting our shoes! It's glorious. 

The only thing that we didn't replace is the floor, also known as JJ's arch enemy, but that will come. It's such a nice, functional room now. That husband of mine sure is handy!

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  1. Alicia, I love this! Gorgeous! Remind me not to post photos of mine. Haha, not quite the same!!