Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Three Things in the Summer.

The long, hot days of summer are finally here and we have been busy creating memories with O. Summer is his season and we are taking full advantage and openly throwing our schedule out the window some days. You just have to roll with it. There have been so many great moments so far and I wanted to share some summer happiness.

Some of our best friends have returned to Cleveland after years in Chicago. This moment, watching the children spray each other with the house and run around in this golden sun was perfect.

Wednesday nights at Wade Oval dancing and playing with friends. We rode The Euclid Beach Thriller Car (and The Rocket Car too) with the wind in our hair and our arms reaching up.

Some nights we trade in our normal bedtime routine for an evening trip to the playground. This guy was brave and hilarious. He tried new big slides and played on the swings like a sack of potatoes. Summer is our season. Happy Wednesday!

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