Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Crib Sheet DIY.

Sometimes you just have that a-ha moment (for lack of a better term). But the obvious just becomes so clear. I've had my eye on some fancy new sheets for Little Man's bed but I cannot bring myself to pay some of the ridiculous prices out there. Friday I was just about at the point of breaking down and doing it, buying yet another new thing that we can live without, when it occurred to me that I could probably just make it. Enter this MADE tutorial. I cannot tell you how happy I am with the results!

All you need is 2 yards of fabric and 80 inches of 1/4 inch elastic and a long enough nap from the little one to get it done. Her tutorial is so simple and straight forward I don't really need to walk you through it but here are my step by step pictures anyway since I took them.

1. Fold the fabric in half lengthwise and widthwise with the outside edges lining up.

2. Cut out 8 x 8 inch squares from the folded corners.

3. Fold over and iron a pocket to thread the elastic through and pin.

4. Sew the four corners together to create the corner pockets that wrap around the mattress. She recommends a serged edge but I don't have a serger so I did this stretch stitch and then a straight stitch to ensure that it will stay secure. I looked at sheet we already have to figure that out. Make you you unfold the elastic pocket before you sew the corners in. Next you sew the elastic pocket seam closed with a straight stitch.

5. Use a safety pin to thread the elastic through, sew the elastic together then sew the pocket and put it on!

The woman at the cutting counter thought I was nuts to use this fabric for a crib sheet, she said "it will keep the baby awake!" I doubt it. Look how happy he is. If you make it let me know!


  1. So adorable! You should sell them! :)

  2. Gorgeous! And, I want you to be my personal shopper and sewer, apparently.

  3. Love this! The fabric is great! Reminds me of some similar stuff I have in the closet!