Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Camp Happy.

This weekend we took a whole gang load of kids camping. I have to be honest when I say that I was doubtful of this trip for two reasons, the weather and sleeping. But I was wrong. The weather was perfect and the sleeping was a breeze! 

O spent a good hour inside the tent when we got there. He just loved it so much and needed to inspect it.

We did a little hiking and found a river to dip our toes in. The kids just played their hearts out with bubbles and dinosaur chases. It was so much fun!

We finished the evening off with a very long and very serious marshmallow roast. These boys couldn't have been happier. It's such a simple treat that really made their night!

I do not take any credit for the ease of this trip as we were with some seasoned family campers but it really was so easy. The site was nice and secluded but the cars weren't far away. Between the six families we had each other covered, bubbles, trucks, a kids only tent...it was a great weekend. I hope you had a good one too!

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