Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Classic Charm

Spring is right around the corner...right? I've heard the birds chirping in the morning so I have to believe that they are happy about something. Warmer weather means lighter clothing and sunny colors. 

I've been working hard with some brides for their upcoming weddings and while finding the perfect fabrics for their weddings, I've also been finding the perfect fabrics for the shop. It's really hard to narrow things down for myself and to know when to put things back. This Liberty of London was a must!

We'd be drowning in fabric if I got every single one that I like! So here are a few of the new ones that I'm gushing over! I just love the way that the diamond point looks, it's just a little different but still so classic. Plus I'm getting much better at tying the bow ties myself too! I'm off to start the day, I hope yours is a good one.

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